WF city council recap

WF city council recap
City council met on January 21, 2020. (Source: KAUZ)

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - City council met on January 21, 2020. Here’s what was voted on:

Quail Creek Drainage Project

The next phase in efforts to address flooding in Wichita Falls was approved this morning.

Public works is in the process of designing a new drainage project, stretching from Midwestern parkway across Maplewood and Kemp, and widening the existing ditch.

Russell Schreiber, director of public works said, “in essence, if we can make that pond bigger we can capture and hold more water back from upstream and release it at a slower rate so that the water downstream there has a chance to move away and eliminate the flooding downstream.”

“So it’ll prevent a lot of the flooding that we currently see now across the streets now when we get a quick and fast rain,” added city property administrator Pat Hoffman.

The Quail Creek Drainage Project is part of the city’s larger drainage improvement goals set back in 2010.

“We’ve taken steps over the course of the last ten years to address drainage issues,” Schreiber said, “and that’s just something we have to do for all the property owners in Wichita Falls.”

Funded through the storm water utility fund, the Quail Creek Drainage Project will have a price tag of $10-12 million.

Schreiber said it’s a slow and steady process, but one the city has to get done.

“It’s nice to know we’re advancing improvements to the overall drainage system of the city,” he said.

$3 million towards new public transportation facility

Another multi-million dollar project was approved today.

Package one of the public transportation and maintenance facility project is set to begin this week, with construction site set-up expected to take two months.

The funding for this project comes from an almost $10 million grant the city received in September 2018 from the Federal Transit Administration.

John Burrus is the director for the city’s aviation, traffic and transportation department. He said the building his employees are in is almost forty years old, and they are definitely in need of a new one.

“It’s going to have a profound and positive impact on just the way we do business on a daily basis,” he said, “it’s closure on a process that we’ve been working on for two years.”

The city will break ground on the new building on January 29. Construction is expected to be finished before the end of 2021.

Municipal services for residents on base housing

A renewed contract with Balfour Beatty is expected to bring an additional $600,000 to Wichita Falls.

City council approved to provide municipal services to those living in Sheppard Air Force Base housing. Those services include trash, sanitation and emergency services.

The Wichita Falls assistant city manager explained that without this contract, those residents wouldn’t be able to receive any city services.

“Because that is federal property. It’s tax exempt,” Paul Menzies said, “they don’t pay any city taxes so these fees are as if they paid city taxes for these services.”

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