National Weather Service preparing for weather spotter training

National Weather Service preparing for weather spotter training

FORT WORTH, Texas (TNN) - While we did have some active weather in Texoma over the last 24 hours, we didn’t have anything else. But as severe weather approaches, the National Weather Service in Fort Worth is preparing for the next Skywarn training session.

Next Thursday, the National Weather Service in Fort Worth will be hosting a Skywarn training session in Montague County in hopes to prepare people for the storm season.

“You are the eyes on the ground," David Bonnette, NWS Fort Worth meteorologist, said. "From our forecast office in Fort Worth we can only see so much. We are looking at radar data, we are looking at satellites and other information but that doesn’t really give us what is actually happening on the ground.”

That’s where storm spotters come in.

“We are going to talk about the basics of how storms develop, then what we are really going to get into is some hands on advice and techniques that if you are sitting on your front porch you can look at a storm, see the cloud structure and know if that is a hazardous storm or not so what we are going to give you is the keys to identify if a storm is severe or if it is becoming tornadic or not,” Bonnette said.

That is why having as many eyes on the sky is so important.

“People need to be aware of the weather around them as it is taking place because the more eyes that are out there that can see what is developing weather wise is very important to get that information back to the weather service in Fort Worth so they know what is physically happening,” Bonnette said.

You can register for the NWS Fort Worth session here and the NWS Norman session here.

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