Lady Cats making 180° turn in 2020

Lady Cats making 180° turn in 2020

ARCHER CITY, Texas (TNN) - Sports are great for a lot of reasons, but one is the chance for a fresh start every year.

For the Archer City girls basketball team, the new season has been good to them, changing a losing record into an undefeated start to district and the Lady Cats attribute their success to their chemistry.

“For the short amount of time we have really come together and it really has worked for us this season," Archer City sophomore guard Maddie Lopez said.

“They support you a lot," Archer City sophomore guard Mallory Maxwell said. "We are very supportive, all of us, if you do something wrong, we’ve got your back.”

The Lady Cats are one of the youngest rotations in Texoma with several sophomores starting for this team, but these girls have shown maturity learning from mistakes and growing into the district title contender they are right now.

“Last year we were just out of control most of the time," Archer City sophomore guard Aspyn Huseman said. "But this year we have slowed our offense down.”

But that doesn’t mean they play slow basketball.

In fact, one of the keys to Archer City’s offense is the ability to score on the fast break.

“I think what is really good is we have fast people, we have tall people, so it’s a mix," Lopez said. "But it all comes together and works by the end of the day.”

“Our speed is a very big part of why we are winning," Maxwell said. "Our tall girls get the rebound and we just go down the court, we work a lot of transition.”

Despite scoring nearly 50 points a game, the Lady Cats have been in several close games throughout this season; Six have been decided by five points or less and the girls say wins in a few of those, like a four-point win over Windthorst, has built their confidence with 5 games to play.

“Once we started winning and realizing we have a lot of good features to win, we started getting better knowing what we have to work on," Maxwell said.

The big thing for the Lady Cats, seven of their 10 players are underclassmen, so this team could be good for years to come.


1. Archer City 7-0

2. Seymour 5-1

3. Windthorst 5-2

4. Quanah 3-4

5. Electra 2-5

6. Olney 1-6

6. Petrolia 1-6

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