Grocery stores were pretty busy ahead of the snow

people head to the stores ahead of the snow

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Long lines and packed shopping carts, that’s what filled the aisles of Market Street ahead of a snow filled Wednesday.

“I’m getting ready and I’m preparing so I can get comfortable and watch some tv and relax,” David Cavitt, one of the shoppers I spoke with said. ”I’m looking for something quick and fast like some breakfast snack, some cereal.”

Annett Satre is making sure to get a few things too so she doesn’t run out but adds you need to worry more about the drivers tomorrow, than the food.

“Yeah you know you have to be worried, people don’t know how to drive in it because they are not used to it. And you got to remember caution, caution, caution,” Satre said.

Now while some are prepping for the worst, others who have seen plenty of snowstorms, are looking forward to what tomorrow brings.

“This is not really freaking me out at all, the kids are excited, and we are excited to have a snow day,” Camille Wakild said.

Wednesday Market Street, along with other grocery stores in Wichita Falls will stay open will be open, in case you really need to pick something up.

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