TXDOT prepping the roads for the winter storm

TXDOT has been preparing the roads for a few days now.

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Although we don’t have any snow yet, it is on the way.

TXDOT has been preparing the roads for a few days now.

We spoke with a TXDOT official and she said they're switching to 12 hour shifts during this storm.

TXDOT Public Information Officer Adele Lewis says that just because they went out and pre-treated, doesn’t mean you should drive the 75 mph speed limit.

Lewis says something they did this storm that they haven’t done in the past, is spraying the main lanes of the roadway on I-44, 287, and Kell Freeway.

“This will allow us to have an even better jump on the storm and provide greater protection to the public,” said Lewis.

Another thing to keep in mind is that no matter where you are, the bridges and overpasses will be the first things to freeze, and the last things to thaw.

“Those bridges and overpasses are really tricky, so don't accelerate on a bridge,” said Lewis.

TXDOT has spent the last couple of days touching up the roads that they've already prepped, due to the rain last night washing off some of the brine they laid down.

Big Daddy’s Towing Supervisor Joseph Turner said that if you are traveling, to make sure you have blankets and food in case you do get stuck or break down.

“Make sure your vehicle has plenty of fuel in it before leaving the house,” said Turner. “If you absolutely have to leave then leave but if not, then stay off the roads.”

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