WF City Council: New convention center, Rezoning, and Construction

WF CC: rezoning approved

Public Hearing held for the Rezoning of 2507 Central Freeway East

Tuesday members held a public hearing for the rezoning of five acres of land right off Central Freeway East.

The land was once a charter school but has been vacant at least five years.

We spoke to women that’s looking to take on the property and getting today’s approval to rezone the property from Heavy to light Industrial was the first step.

“They (council) finally approved the zoning I’ve been doing this for the last six months. It’s been a long process and definitely a learning process for sure. I’m excited for them to let me move forward with the loan process because now I can actually get some real work done,” Tressa Stoiloff, owner of Hair Artist.

New Convention center moves forward

Also approved today -- an architect agreement to move forward with the plans for the new convention and banquet facility that will be adjacent to the MPEC.

The architects will now start preparing permits and construction documents. Council members feel that this new convention center will attract more conferences and bring more money in.

Moving forward with the convention center for me it’s a win-win situation. we are going to take this money right now and try to develop some sort of plan some type of cost scenario to where we are no longer saying 40 of 50 million dollars we are going to get some true figures to start to get some architectural designs. Today was just that one step closer to the Project said Mayor Stephen Santellana.

WF CC: Convention Center moving forward

Public Works approval vote

The Wichita Falls City Council voted to approve two public works projects on Tuesday. The first a Memorandum of Understanding with Red River Authority which will allow the city to begin construction on a new treated water main.

“We see some advantage for the city of Wichita Falls possibility to upsize that main and then we can utilize that main in the future for our system it allows for access to water on the westside of business park and also completes the portion of our overall water distribution plan,” said Russell Schriber Director of Public Works.

And a change order of more than 60 thousand dollars to put the final touches on the Kemp-Monroe Drainage Project.

""So we have a have a little bit more pavement repair so staff would recommend approval today so that so we can close out this project and finish it," said Schriber.

WF CC: Public Works