Wichita County sheriff’s office working to keep people safe in winter weather

Wichita Co. sheriff response

WICHITA COUNTY, Texas (TNN) - The sheriff’s office set up a command post at Lakeview Church of God in Iowa Park to give deputies a place to eat and rest before heading back into the cold to keep everyone safe.

“We just wanted to make sure that in this case if that happened again to us we’d be able to blade those roads quickly and be laid out strategically and logistically have everything coordinated so we could provide help and clear roadways if we needed to,” county commissioner Jeff Watts said.

The sheriff’s office sent humvees and more to cities through Wichita County, so they would be ready to reach anyone stranded as quickly as possible.

“It’s a lot easier to get equipment scattered out that way when you do need it it’s a lot easier to just go to that area and just get the equipment without having to transport it, the difficulty of transporting it if the conditions are bad,” deputy Melvin Joyner said.

“The sheriff here in Iowa Park set up a command post so they could watch 287 closely and be back to Wichita or Electra quickly if they needed to,” Watts said.

They teamed up with churches as well, who would be ready to open their doors for emergency shelter as needed. Luckily, the roads were well treated and ready for the snow that did come down today.

“TxDOT and city crews have done a great job maintaining the roadways throughout the night so we really haven’t had any major issues,” Joyner said.

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