WF road crews prepped for the overnight ice

Crews prep for overnight ice

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - When the temperatures began falling after a day full of snow, officials say what melts and stays on the roads, is going to freeze overnight.

“In the morning will probably be the most dangerous time for the motorists, they need to be very cautious, very careful,” Russell Schreiber, Director of Wichita Falls Public Works said.

I also caught up with some MSU Texas students who were enjoying their Wednesday snow day, though most are making plans to stay in.

“I’m not even going to attempt. I just don’t want to risk it especially with not having snow chains or snow tires to do it,” Emily Largent, a MSU Texas student said.

Some still had to make it to work.

“I’m going to try to be as cautious as I can and try to get to and from work safely,” Tristan Glover, MSU Texas student said.

Road crews have been working around the clock to keep roads safe, but overnight they shifted their focus. The plows and trucks don’t work on icy roads so city crews transitioned to treating bridges and major intersections.

“The police department will get calls about slick spots and they’ll dispatch our guys out and we’ll sand those areas,” Schreiber said.

He adds the city was fortunate to have warm ground temperatures when the snow started to fall.

“We were able to keep all of our equipment up and operational so that’s why we were as effective as we were,” Schreiber said. “We’ve learned a lot since ’09 and we’re much more effective at keeping the roadways clear now.”

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