WF shelters successfully provide for homeless during severe weather

Keeping the homeless warm when it's cold

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - On the coldest day of the year since last year, Wichita Falls homeless shelters say the experienced volunteers and community donations have helped them master times like these.

Faith Mission and the Salvation Army made it through the past 48 hours of snow, rain and freezing temps with no issues.

“We try to keep everybody warm, busy, and fed. Everybody had a bed to sleep in last night,” said Faith Mission CEO Steve Sparks.

“We are always ready and prepared. We just have to make a couple of quick arrangements with people’s hours “you’re working this shift”, and “you’re working this shift” just to make sure there is always somebody here at all times,” said Salvation Army Sergeant Toby Romack.

With both shelters having plenty of food and supplies, they say the most challenging part was keeping the cabin fever at bay.

“The men were bottled up inside the building. The women and children, the same at the Refuge they couldn’t go outside, not for long anyway. The children were out of school, and you know we have very limited things that we can offer for them to do out here,” said Sparks.

Board games and Bible study classes were heavily attended, among other activities during those snow days.

These Wichita Falls shelters say no matter what the weather brings though their doors will always be open.

“It feels like yesterday just about everybody was closed yesterday, but our shelter and soup kitchen was still open,” said Sergeant Romack.

Both shelters Faith Mission and the Salvation Army, are non-profits that work solely off of volunteers and donations.

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