WFISD explains school closing procedures

Updated: Feb. 5, 2020 at 8:13 PM CST
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Wichita Falls ISD Superintendent, Michael Kuhrt, joined Ashley Fitzwater to talk about these inclement weather procedures.

With the forecasted snow in Texoma, WFISD made the call Tuesday afternoon, earlier rather than later, to close for Wednesday.

“I think it was pretty obvious. I think it was pretty obvious that we were going to have a lot of snow. We worry about parents that have to go to work, I worry about that single Mom that has young children, and no family here in town. And so things like that, and we figured yesterday, the earliest we could give people notice, the better they could make plans, and I hope a lot of students have had a lot of fun today cause it has been - I know my kids have," said Superintendent Kuhrt

When asked plans for Thursday and how the district makes that decision, Superintendent Kuhrt explained the process.

“It’s gotta be icy in the morning. And our biggest issue is our county roads, when we go out east of town, primarily, those roads aren’t as maintained. A lot of our neighborhood roads have not been de-iced or not been salted or things like that, and so I think in the morning, we’re gonna have parking lots and we’re going to have ice on small roads and our buses can’t get out of our bus parking lot cause it will still be slushy water there right now, and that all has to be ice in the morning. And so our goal right now, or our plan right now is to cancel school for tomorrow.,” said Superintendent Kuhrt

Superintendent Kuhrt expressed safety as a key factor in making difficult decisions, like closing an entire school district.

“A lot of people say, it’s about money - they just want to get money. We get waivers for these days, whenever we have a lot of ice and snow and so our staff still gets paid, money still comes into the district, that’s not an issue, and so it’s mainly just about students safety and parents safety because we don’t want parents out there driving around if they don’t have to be - and we have a lot of high school students who have to drive too from their houses and we have staff that live outside of town that have to get to town and a lot of them live on country roads or farm roads that aren’t maintained either and so it’s safety for everybody,” said Kuhrt

Of course, Superintendent Kuhrt said the kids have these inclement weather days built into their yearly calendar, so a snow day for them is a win.

“Staff will - staff will have to come back to school on our inclement weather days, but not students,” Kuhrt said.

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