How Wichita Falls kept it’s snowy roads clear

crews keep wf roads clear

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Over the last few days Wichita Falls city crews have been working hard to keep roadways and bridges safe. Now that the weather is starting to clear we spoke with city officials to see how they handled the snowy weather.

“Everything just lined up pretty good for us on this one,” Russell Schreiber, Wichita Falls Director of Public works said. “I think this is one of the better responses that we have had over the years as it relates to a large snow event.”

The Wichita Falls community did their part too, simply by doing their best to stay off the roads.

“I think that certainly helped the fire department we didn’t see the spike in call volume that we were planning for and anticipating,” Ken Prillaman, Wichita Falls Fie Chief said.

The fire department had extra crews on standby in case they weather turned worse that it did.

“We could of reduced the response times by putting crews on rigs and decentralizing those rigs across the city,” Prillaman said.

Now that the snow has gone way, Chief Prillaman says it’s time to reflect on their response.

“We do the best we can and then we and take a good long look at ourselves with a tremendous amount of humility and admit okay what can we do better next time,” Prillaman said.

So what’s left to do for city crews? They’ll be in clean up mode, getting everything back to square one.

“There is still some snow on the streets and that stuff as it melts it’s going to run down the curb or run down into the street and going to refreeze,” Schreiber said.

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