Woman slips out of handcuffs 3 times during arrest

Woman slips out of handcuffs 3 times

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Wichita Falls Police arrested a woman on Thursday for a couple of minor warrants, it was during that arrest that she began resisting, earning her one more charge.

Officers were responding to a check welfare in the 1800 block of Elizabeth Avenue when they found a female walking in the roadway, talking to people who were not there, before beginning to lay down in the road.

Officers identified the woman as Amie Johnson, 40, and discovered she had multiple warrants. Both warrants were for failure to remove weeds or grass over nine inches, issued back in 2018.

Johnson was arrested and handcuffed for the warrants and placed into a patrol car. Officers heard what sounded like metal hitting the window of the car and found out Johnson had removed her left hand from the handcuffs.

Officers handcuffed Johnson again, making sure they also secured the back doors of the car. After a few moments, officers heard the same metal knocking sound. They opened the patrol car to find that Johnson had moved the handcuffs to the front and removed her left hand again.

Officers attempted to secure the handcuffs again, Johnson pulled her left hand back and tried to pull away from the officers until she was firmly secured and in the patrol car.

When they arrived at the jail Johnson had once again freed her left hand from the handcuffs.

Johnson was charged on her two warrants and resisting arrest during transport.

As of this time Johnson remains in the Wichita County Jail, her bonds have not yet been set.

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