Snow days affect small WF businesses

Snow day affects small WF businesses

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - This week’s snow caused a big headache for many across Texoma.

Whenever you have a weather event like we saw this week, it comes with a difficult decision for business owners, because if they decide to close it’s a whole day they aren’t making money.

“They kept saying how bad it was going to be and we kind of anticipated we might close but as it got closer, we figured it was too dangerous to get our employees out and about on a day like that,” Bill Weske, Hook & Ladder co-owner, said.

Snow and ice....they aren’t a combination that go together well for small businesses.

“We don’t do a vast amount of business on any given day so all of the days combined make it possible for us to stay open,” Jan Saville, Hello Again Boutique owner, said.

Places like Hook and Ladder and Hello Again Boutique decided to close up shop on Wednesday.

“It has a real impact to our ability to pay our bill and keep employees employed,” Saville said.

At Fashion Garage, they made their decision after seeing the places around them close for the weather.

“If they aren’t open or it’s slow for them then it’s going to be slow for us,” Connie Bennett, Fashion Garage co-owner, said.

But now that the weather has turned nice, businesses can go back to normal and the hope is that they can make up those lost profits.

“We’re glad that everybody stayed safe and sound and the roads got cleared and it didn’t last long so it’s a beautiful day today and so we’re thankful for that,” Saville said.

“We got a lot of people here that enjoy what we do here and w are looking forward to seeing them tonight," Weske said. "It’s a beautiful night to come down to Wichita Falls.”

Now that we are going into the weekend and are past all the nasty weather, the hope is everyone can get out of the house and shop local.

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