MSU Texas research group shares 4 years of success

msu research group

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - At MSU Texas’ February Faculty Forum, professors talked about the success of their engineering research group that started as a student’s answer to a common problem, parking.

“The idea was that for parking on campus students could like look at an app and say oh this it’s this time I should go to this lot that’s where more spots are going to be,” Marcos Lopez, one of the associate professors over the research group said.

That’s what students under these two professor have worked on for the last four years, learning the ins and outs of what it takes to tackle such a big project.

“They can really take a piece of ownership of a small part of a problem and then see how their contribution works out in the end,” Lopez said.

This group if engineering students use artificial intelligence and neural networks to look at data from thousand of pictures of parking lots, to determine if a space is empty.

"We encourage them to above and beyond their class work anyway, if you just do your class work we don’t feel you’re as prepared as you could be when you hit the workforce,” Terry Griffin, computer science associate professor said.

While all their work proof of concept and likely won’t be put into effect what students get out if is valuable.

“In any field undergrad research is something where they get to do that kind of hands on approach to stuff so they can see what does computer development or what does app development really look like,” Lopez said.

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