Adult Protective Services caseworkers staying, thanks to new programs

Changes from Texas legislation drops turnover rate from 16 percent to 3.75 percent in Wichita County

APS turnover changes

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - During the latest legislative session, lawmakers gave APS workers a 750 dollar raise, the department added more positions across the state and introduced a new mentorship program for incoming workers.

“The raises have allowed the caseworkers and staff to leave some of those financial worries, those personal worries at home, and focus on their clients and the vulnerable clients that we serve,” adult protective services supervisor Crystal Sullivan said.

Helping adults with disabilities or those over 65 can be a stressful job, especially when it comes to cases of neglect and abuse. The recent changes have made caseworkers at APS come into the role more ready than ever before.

“Our workers are coming out more on top of their game and they’re able to handle things more professionally,” district operations specialist Christi Skelton said.

A raise for salaries keeps them focused on the job.

“That allows them to make sure they are taking care of things at home, as well as focus here at work,” Sullivan said.

The new mentorship program makes sure they’re getting the help that they need in a focused way from one mentor, rather than multiple caseworkers like before.

“I’m like their go-to person they know I’m always going to answer the phone I’m always going to be there to answer their questions and I think it makes them better workers,” adult protective services specialist Yola Craig said.

A new caseworker position also letting workers focus on the cases they have, spending more time to serve all of the clients’ needs.

“One added caseworker can see a plethora more of clients and allow each worker to spend more time out in the field with one particular client,” Skelton said.

If you believe anyone is the subject of abuse or neglect, you’re urged to contact the office at 1-800-252-5400.

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