Wichita Falls ISD makes security upgrades to administration building

WFISD security upgrades

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Security is a priority for the Wichita Falls ISD when it comes to its schools, but that means the administration - and other older district buildings - haven’t been addressed.

Officials with the district said it’s all in an effort to get their older buildings outfitted with modern security measures.

The conversation surrounding security at WFISD’s education center sparked after an unwanted guest was found spending the night in the empty building.

“The next morning we woke up and we found out that someone was using this as a hotel,” said associate superintendent Peter Griffiths.

Now, if visitors enter the building on Broad Street, they will be required to show a photo ID, which will be scanned. They will receive a badge that they’ll have to return when they leave the building.

But with many buildings across the district getting older...

“Ours is a one-hundred-year-old facility that we’re trying to retrofit and make it comfortable,” explained Griffiths.

... making those upgrades can get tricky.

“We’ve just been slowly, by each campus, building that and trying to make it secure but also approachable,” he said.

“Technology and things like that have probably improved since then,” added Wichita Falls police officer Brian Masterson, “so it’s just taking those steps to renovate that.”

As the district looks ahead to building new schools and renovating old ones, Griffiths explained that these security measures will “just be part of it.”

“Just like putting in a new AC system or putting in windows,” he said, “schools will have these controlled entrances.”

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