Cattle ranchers hear promising news at agriculture seminar

Cattle ranchers hear promising news at agriculture seminar

CLAY COUNTY, Texas (TNN) - Cattle ranchers heard some promising news during the annual Clay County agriculture seminar on Friday.

Some of the topics at the seminar included how the cattle stock rates and how animal size can affect the value of the cattle. Another big topic that was discussed was what the cattle market outlook is.

“It’s really been pretty steady for several months now and there hasn’t been any real big fluctuations. But the feeder cattle contracts are up are up really good that we are seeing an improvement in the cattle business right now,” Rayford Pullen, Pullen-Mayfield Ranch co-owner, said.

But we could see the market start rising soon.

“We have been kind of going down for a few years but all the trends are indicating we might finally be reaching that point where herd size starts decreasing and that should start bringing prices back up,” Bill Holcombe, Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Clay County agent, said.

Holcombe hopes that this will help bring the market back up While farmers in the area have not seen benefit yet from the new trade deal, they hope they will see the effects from this trade deal soon.

“So anything that increases the trade and the ability to do that should pay dividends for the cattle market and cattle prices," Holcombe said.

"We are exporting a lot of pork to china right now so that should raise prices of everything else because there’s going to be less pork available because we are exporting as much so hopefully it should bring up the prices of poultry, beef and everything,” Holcombe said.

Right now, Clay County farmers are not seeing an increase or decrease in the market due to the new trade deal that was passed in January.

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