Vaping detection program for parents in Henrietta Monday

Updated: Feb. 17, 2020 at 10:51 AM CST
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HENRIETTA, Texas (TNN) - Monday night in Henrietta, a group of educators from the Texas A&M Agrilife Extension as part of TxDOT’s Save A Life program hosed a night of teaching parents about the dangers of vaping.

"Kids don't realize the life changing consequences that happen from doing something like this," Jessica Longley, one of the parents attending said.

As of the beginning of February the CDC reports over 2,700 people have been hospitalized due to vaping.

“We know that there has been an epidemic across the state and across the country about vaping and so we wanted to bring some information to parents and give them an opportunity to ask questions, show examples,” Bobbi Brooks, nights presenter said.

Those attending Monday night told me they learned a lot from this talk. "I’ll be able to spot some of the different ways kids are hiding them as well as well as some of the health effects and noticing some of those signs as well,” Longley said.

They had a mock bedroom was set up, that showed some of the ways kids could be hiding vaping devices.

"These are some things that might be an indicator that there might be some different use of nicotine or other illegal drugs out there," Brooks said.

After that they showed what different vapes could look like and the consequences it could have both for their health, and the law.

“We find that the more knowledge that they have the easier it is to talk to their students about it and provide information, we want to keep those communication lines open between parents and between students,” Brooks said.

However, the reality is for some students, it’s already past the point of prevention.

“It’s not just not getting them to start but we want to help them to stop if they are addicted,” Brooks said.

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