National allegations not affecting Texoma Boy Scouts

National allegations not affecting Texoma Boy Scouts

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - While the Boy Scouts of America are filing for bankruptcy, Northwest Texas Council leaders say the allegations and bankruptcy won’t be affecting area scouts.

Boy Scouts of America have worked to keep scouts as safe as possible running background checks on volunteers and employees, mandatory youth protection training and a ban on one on one contact between adults and kids.

“A lot of the things we have in place, other agencies and churches have gravitated towards looking at since the mid 80s,” Northwest Texas Council scout executive and CEO Greg Brownfield said.

Parents appreciate the level of safety that scouts put in for their children.

“I think they will probably like that not only are the leaders trained, but the parents are trained and the children are trained, so the kids know from the very first time they enter scouts, if you see something say something or if something doesn’t feel right and you don’t like it tell someone,” parent Catherine Earley said.

And can help prepare them for interactions outside of scouting as well.

“When we start the conversation with our kids they learn, and not only is it helpful in scouting it’s helpful in all the things that they do,” Earley said.

Parents also know the scout leaders are constantly working to improve.

″I think with any organization you’re going to find things that may not be perfect, but I think they’ve done a great job trying to work on that and make it a safe program for children," parent Chondra Palmer said.

As the Northwest Texas Council celebrates 100 years of service, they have no plans of letting this stop them any time soon.

“There is no safer place for our kids to be, and I want to reassure everybody scouting will be there tomorrow and will be here 100 years from now,” board chair and council president Matt Simmons said.

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