Get to know your District 13 candidates

Updated: Feb. 24, 2020 at 5:45 PM CST
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WICHITA COUNTY, Texas (TNN) - All week, we’ve been hearing from candidates in the race for U.S. Congressional District 13. We asked them to talk about what changes they would make to the District, what separates them from the pack and what’s one thing they would like voters to know about them.

Catherine “I Swear” Carr, TX-13 Republican Candidate

“There’s so many wonderful places here, but the potholes will deter people from coming. And they could make art things. You know they could make a square of all kinds of things. Have music and everything. And they could get funded. Federally funded from the National Endowment of the Arts and other funds. So I see a lot of promise for the 13th congressional district, and also in farming and agriculture because of hemp.”

Chris Ekstrom, TX-13 Republican Candidate

“I want to see continuity with Sheppard Air Force Base. I think that’s a very important part of the community. And it serves a very important national security purpose, which is to train young fighter pilots. So we need to make sure we keep that, we need to make sure we don’t have too many winds farms, to preclude that mission, and we need to make sure that we work to expand the role that Sheppard Air Force Base can play in Wichita Falls.”

Greg Sagan, TX-13 Democratic Candidate

“There is a huge groundswell shift of economic emphasis in this district that didn’t used to be there. And it covers things like healthcare, it covers the environment, it covers immigration, it covers education, all of these key areas of society which are all affected one way or another by the economic situation which is not the same at Wall Street as it is for people who work everyday.”

Gus Trujillo, TX-13 Democratic Candidate

“I want to focus on growing the middle class. Our area, we have some good jobs and good opportunities here but I really want to expand those especially in the rural areas. A lot of our small towns not only here but across the United States are starting to die out and cities, metropolitan areas are getting larger. So I would really like to spread the opportunities to those smaller cites especially since in our area farming is a huge industry.”

Jason Foglesong, TX-13 Republican Candidate

“I think whoever represents this district ultimately needs to be traveling around, when Congress is in recess, to all the smaller towns and the bigger cities and holding events in the evenings and weekends where voters can actually attend and meet with them. They need to be so present and accessible.”

Lee Harvey, TX-13 Republican Candidate

“Improvement on our infrastructure. We need somebody that’s going to go to Washington and bring those infrastructure dollars home. We need to build Lake Ringgold. We need to build the lake at Copper Breaks. There’s five acre solar ponds on 12,000 acres of core land. We need to get ready of our next drought. So those are some things that I’d like to see changed, is people start planning for our future.”

Monique Worthy, TX-13 Republican Candidate

“I want to see our local governments changed. Cause our local governments is hitting us over the heads with these taxes. And I don’t know about you but I’m taxed enough already. So I don’t want no more taxes. And it seems like every time they vote on something, they upping somebody’s taxes on something. We understand that you’re beating us over the head for our taxes.”

Timothy W. Gassaway, TX-13 Democratic Candidate

“The major thing is, like I said we want to get to the point where everybody feels represented in the district, no matter if you’re a Democrat or a Republican, or a Liberal - it doesn’t matter. We’ve got to get back to good, old-fashioned representation of the people. It’s the people that need to be heard, and that’s what I believe hasn’t been happening.”

Elaine Hays, TX-13 Republican Candidate

“I am very committed to supporting term limits. I am 61 years old, I am not going to go in to serve for 20 or 30 years. The math doesn’t add up. My goal is it would be an incredible legacy to be part of the team that actually passes term limits. It’s something that Republicans, Democrats, and Independents support across the country. I want the Republican party to lead on this and actually listen to voters.”

Mark Neese, TX-13 Republican Candidate

“One thing that I talk about is promoting education. Because there’s a lot of things and it hits rural it hits the city, it hits anywhere that we want to go because that’s the key to a moving economy. So a lot of places that work with students also recognize that you can add programs, welding, you can add industry so all those things. So for me, what I always say when I end things is typically 'Pray for Peace and Vote for Neese’. That’s my spiritual side and my faith in God is what will lead me when I’m there.”

Richard Herman, TX-13 Republican Candidate

“I have a big heart. I’m not perfect. I’m just like each and every one of you, I put my pants on one leg at a time. I get up each morning with the highest of hopes. When stuff happens throughout the day. I pray every night before I go to bed. I’m just like everybody else. I dream of keeping our country safe, which will be the main mission when you’re in Congress.”

Asusena Reséndiz, TX-13 Republican Candidate

“Being first-generation born, having the opportunity to work in the public and private sector and growing businesses, starting businesses, and certifying businesses, becoming a gubernatorial appointee first Hispanic female to be appointed to one of Governor Abbott’s major boards, which is the Department of Housing and Community Affairs.”

Diane Knowlton, TX-13 Republican Candidate

“The two main things that make me stand out are my business experience. I have 25 years experience in business and business law. Also I am an attorney so I’ve studied a lot of constitutional law as well as business law so I want to work with our government to make it more like a business but I also want to work on protecting our constitutional rights.”

Josh Winegarner, TX-13 Republican Candidate

“I’ve been working for the Texas Cattle Feeders for the last fourteen years, defending farmers and ranchers and other small business owners in our rural areas against socialist type-agenda that’s come about, the green new deal, waters of the US rule, so I’m very familiar with how to advocate on behalf of the constituents of this district. Also, I have six years of experience in Washington working for Senator Phil Gramm and John Cornyn.”

Matt McArthur, TX-13 Republican Candidate

“I’ve got varied work experience. I’ve worked in law enforcement. I’ve also worked in the oil industry and construction. So, well I’m the only guy on the stage that’s ever actually enforced a law. And I’m really the only guy on stage who at the ground level has helped build anything. I think with the issues we have in this district for infrastructure that’s going to be very important.”

Ronny Jackson, TX-13 Republican Candidate

“What I bring to the fight is influence. And I’ll tell you that Mac Thornberry’s been a Congressman here in this district for 26 years now, he’s got a lot of influence, a lot of authority, when he speaks folks listen, when he’s got a problem with the district people want to help him figure out how to fix it. The day he leaves that’s completely gone. That’s zero. And so the district’s gonna have a freshman congressman or woman in that’s gonna have very little influence and very little ability to make things happen. And I actually am the exception to that.”

Vance Snider, TX-13 Republican Candidate

“I’ve never run for political office before in my life. This is my first time go at it. I’m not politically connected. I didn’t buy my endorsements. I know what it takes to go out there and get some grassroots. I want to make sure that we have town halls. Talk about legislation. I may be running on the Republican ticket, but I want to make sure that every voice is heard, doesn’t matter if you’re Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Independent. Your voice will be heard when elected.”

You've now heard from 14 of the 15 Republican candidates this week.

We've reached out to Jamie Culley's campaign for comment but haven't heard back.

On Monday, we’ll hear from all three Democratic candidates.

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