Recruitment fair helps Holliday ISD build talent pool

Recruitment fair helps Holliday ISD build talent pool

HOLLIDAY, Texas (TNN) - Holliday ISD will be holding a recruitment fair on Saturday morning, a tactic that has greatly helped them in recent years.

"We developed a team approach to hiring where we have an interview committee, maybe for different jobs on each campus," superintendent Kevin Dyes said.

Each school has its own team at the district-wide recruitment fairs, where administrators and teachers can interview candidates to see if they would be a good fit at Holliday ISD.

“You can usually tell a distinction between who’s a worker and a go-getter, and someone who’s just telling you what they think you want to hear,” Shawn Duthie, a teacher that has been a part of each fair so far, said.

In years past there have been many positions open, while this year only a kindergarten teacher position is.

“Because we only had one position that’s technically open this year, we decided to continue the teacher recruitment fair really as PR that effectively we want to keep our name out there to teachers, that if we have and opening we want you to apply,” Dyes said.

Participating gives a benefit to potential teachers to show off their skills, but also principals who have an easier time finding new teachers.

“I think this job fair gives those who participate in it a leg up, absolutely, you’ve already been seen, people have formed, not necessarily a complete opinion, but have an inkling of what this person could do, or how they feel that person could fit in,” Duthie said.

The district has consistently grown while drawing in top talent.

“The biggest pull has been the quality of students that we have and the smaller class sizes,” Duthie said.

If you’d like to attend, an application can be found here.

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