Wichita Falls Democrats host candidate forum

TX-13 Democratic candidate forum

WICHITA COUNTY, Texas (TNN) - While north Texas has typically voted red, it has not stopped these three democrats from campaigning to be the next representative from Texas’s 13th congressional district.

All three talked to voters in Wichita County on Thursday night hoping to gain some votes ahead of the March primary.

Residents packed a room to hear from the three men looking to take that seat and officials with the party said this amount of competition is something like they’ve never seen.

“Usually we democrats have to kind of rustle up the bushes to find a candidate but look here, we have an abundance of riches,” Gene Newton, Wichita County Democratic Association vice president, said.

Democrats made their way to Wichita Falls to hear from the three candidates in the District 13 and it’s a diverse selection of people.

Victor Harris, one the Democrats looking to take John Cornyn’s seat in the US Senate was also in attendance, to answer questions from voters.

“We usually have Angle folks run and no one else but this is the new America, this is the new Texas and it’s come to Wichita Falls,” Newton said.

Voters got the chance to ask questions and voice what they are looking for in a candidate.

“It’s about you going to make my life different. How are you going to make me believe that you’re going to bring about change and it actually matters to my life,” voter Larry Donohoo said.

“That’s what I’m looking for, someone that’s honest, that’s sincere and has good values and that’s what I saw in there tonight,” Donohoo said.

After all of this, voters said they are ready for the next step.

“I hope they get the knowledge of the candidates so they’d make the decision of who they are going to vote for and I hope they learn a little bit more about our country because this is who we are,” Newton said.

“Just to get to hear them now, I feel more confident in going to early vote. We haven’t voted yet but we probable will early vote,” voter Kelly Mestas said.

“We had a chance to get face to face with people that could possibly be representing us in Washington and I think we need to have decent representation in Washington,” Donohoo said.

After tonight voters still have a few days of early voting left. Election day is right around the corner on March 3.

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