Texoma family celebrates the life of woman who impacted the community

Texoma family celebrates the life of woman who impacted the community

PETROLIA, Texas (TNN) - One Texoma family is celebrating the life of a wife and mother, who recently passed away.

Many say she positively impacted the community around her.

Tina Ramos, a beloved wife, mother and friend to many who say she saved their life.

“If she saw someone struggling or saw someone that needed assistance, she was the first one to say come on in,” said Tina’s daughter Ruth Guajardo.

Tina and her husband Prajedis Ramos were married for 52 years, and out of all those years they only lived alone together for 6 months.

“I just know that under the roof was always full of people, there were times when we would have mattresses in the living room,” said Guajardo.

Many people tell Guajardo that her mother was their saving grace for helping them in times of need.

Guajardo says as a child she didn’t realize what a hero she had in her parents.

“It feels wonderful to know that there are people out there that have been touched by the kindness and love that my parents always had in abundance,” said Guajardo.

Tina's husband Prajedis never left her side, and says she never once complained about taking care of so many people.

“We knew the love we had only the Lord could separate us,” said Prajedis.

Tina’s family says she will always be remembered as one who always put others before herself.

“I can’t tell you how incredibly proud I am to be part of this family,” said Guajardo.

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