Wichita Falls YMCA CEO responds after losing job to 2017 felony drug charge

Updated: Feb. 26, 2020 at 11:01 AM CST
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Brandon Brown has been terminated from his position as President/CEO of the Wichita Falls Metropolitan YMCA.

6 p.m., February 26

Brandon Brown, who was fired from his position as Wichita Falls YMCA President/CEO because of a felony drug charge from 2017, has shared his side of the story.

For 27 years, Brandon Brown says his priority has been the YMCA. He started the job in 1993.

But back in February 2017. Brown says he gave a friend a ride to Gainesvile.

Later that night, he was pulled over for an defective headlight.

His vehicle was searched and a bag of meth was found under his passenger seat landing Brown behind bars.

In the months following, Brown said the only thing on his mind was his family and the YMCA, so he took his lawyer’s advice and pleaded guilty. He said a judge told him that if he paid his fines, did his community service, and cleared his drug tests than the charges would no longer be on his record.

Looking back, he says he wish he would have made a different choice.

“Looking back now, I wish we had fought it. But again at that time I was thinking about my family and the Y," Brown said, "but I do want everyone to know that I am who they think I am. I’m not, probably if I had come forward a long time I would have my chance to tell it from the get-go.”

In response to his failed drug test in December, he said the test came back inconclusive but court documents had to list it as a fail.

Moving forward, Brown just wants the Wichita Falls community to know that he is sorry and that he appreciates the support he has received.

11 a.m., February 26

Brandon Brown has been terminated from his position as President/CEO of the Wichita Falls Metropolitan YMCA.

This comes after affidavits and court documents surfaced showing Brown pleaded guilty to a felony charge of unlawful possession of a controlled dangerous substance-methamphetamine in May 2017 in Love County, Oklahoma.

The document from the 20th Judicial Court in Oklahoma states that Brown would be placed on probation until his sentencing May 1, 2021.

Brown was also ordered to pay a $2,500 fine, perform 30 hours of community service, attend AA/NA meetings with proof of attendance and receive a substance abuse evaluation.

Court documents state that Brown failed a drug test December 20, 2017.

With the charge, Brown must also register with Oklahoma’s Meth Offender Registry. He will remain on the registry until May 2027, and during that time he is not allowed to purchase or possess anything that contains any trace of methamphetamine, including prescriptions.

YMCA Board President Mark Fleming released the following statement to News Channel 6:

This is a developing story, so stick with News Channel 6 as we gather more information.

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