WFISD shows classroom technology growth

WFISD shows classroom technology growth

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - More and more schools use technology in new ways to teach students, at WFISD those changes have come fast.

“We saw a lot of Quizlet games, which is fine for the beginning, but by year four we wanted to see technology as seamless, just integrated into the lesson and I think today we saw a lot of that,” associate superintendent Peter Griffiths said.

Now teachers and students are using different technologies across all subjects.

In one first grade classroom, students studied vocabulary words while learning basic programming logic. In another Haynes Northwest Academy math class, students worked with students from City View ISD to collaborate.

“The fact that that was going on and it was just normal, it didn’t seem like it was something brand new it was just normal,” Griffiths said.

It’s helped students become more involved in what they learn, and even make the choices for how they learn.

“You had some places where kids were getting to choose exactly what it is they want to do, you have to do this, but you may choose to do these things," Griffiths said. "All it does is help kids make choices and helps the kids stay engaged.”

It has also caught the eye of other administrations throughout Texoma.

“It seemed less scripted and less planned, it looked to me like they were just using technology as part of the classroom now,” technology services director at Comanche Public Schools Curtis Shahan said.

That is what the district wants to continue working towards, making students and teachers completely comfortable with the technology.

“How do we explore more, how do we go look at things and how do we keep pushing the boundaries with making it look organic and natural," Griffiths said.

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