Celebrating athletic trainers during national AT month

Celebrating athletic trainers in Texoma

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - March is National Athletic Trainers Month and it’s time to celebrate the team behind the team.

“My kidneys are failing so I love the medical side of anything that I get to do," Rider athletic trainer Libby Brooks said. "But if you ask anybody in my life, sports is one of the biggest parts of my life so it combines the two together.”

“I love athletic training because I just like being out there with the boys and all the other teammates and just seeing how I can help them," Hirschi athletic trainer Isabella Petty said.

“I have grown up just loving anything medical," WFHS athletic trainer Celeste Hernandez said. "So being an athletic trainer has kind of pushed me in the direction to want to go to nursing even more.”

“I want to do something in the medical field," WFHS athletic trainer Danica Pebworth said. "So being an athletic trainer gives me experience in different scenarios.”

“I recently tore both my ACL’s and I’m not able to play sports anymore so being an athletic trainer is still being involved in all the sports and helping out," Hirschi athletic trainer Jazmine Chavarria said.

So there are clearly a lot of different reasons these students got into athletic training at the high school level.

But what benefits are they seeing from this experience?

“I can use it in any real-life situation," Rider athletic trainer Abigail Webb said. “Like CPR, if anyone is down, Emergency action plans and First Aid.”

“Athletic training would help me because I want to be an RN so I guess it would put me in those paths," Hirschi athletic trainer Alma Paz said.

Although this is a job for athletic trainers, they have some fun too.

“I have become a master at taping and I want to get faster," Hernandez said.

“The close relationship we have with the boys, they are like brothers," Rider athletic trainer Linda Miller said. "We are all together, all the time so we spend most of our time with them.”

“Probably gameday, definitely gameday, gameday’s.”

Here in Texoma, we are blessed with some of the best athletic trainers.

So make sure to thank them, because our athletes wouldn’t be able to stay healthy and perform at a high level without them.

Thank you.

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