Hometown Pride: How festivals help businesses

Updated: Mar. 11, 2020 at 8:32 PM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - We’re just getting started in our Hometown Pride Tour of Downtown Wichita Falls. Already this week, we’ve heard from Downtown Development director Jana Schmader and found out what the living situation is in Downtown.

On Wednesday we talked about festivals. There’s a lot of them throughout the year in Downtown and they all help small businesses.

The Gypsy Kit opened up two years ago on Saint Patrick’s Day. Owner Tagan Couch said the St. Patrick’s Day Festival was key to their restaurant growth.

“It’s great advertising for all of us down here and Downtown Development to help throw this event down here is great and it’s wonderful for all our businesses,” Couch said.

Several downtown businesses caught the eyes of many new customers from these events.

“One of the great things about festivals is that it brings a whole new crowd to downtown, a lot of people that don’t really come down here every weekend to eat or go tot a show," Couch said. "It brings in a lot of new people that have maybe never heard of us before.”

Manager of CrashWorks Studio Jacqueline Gober said festivals have been fantastic for downtown businesses and they’re looking forward to seeing new faces coming in once again after the festival.

“There were a ton of people that came last year that came in to the studio that had never been here before," Gober said. "We were fairly new at the time so after that we saw a huge flex of people coming in to the studio that came from the St. Patrick’s Festival.”

CrashWorks partners with Downtown Development in multiple events.

“To be able to have that as a marketing tool like hey here is this festival but here’s also CrashWorks where we’re doing all this cool stuff come see us," Gober said.

Tomorrow our Hometown Pride Tour continues with a look at what downtown leaders are planning for 2020 growth.

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