Texoma seniors cope with potential loss of season

Texoma seniors cope with potential loss of season

HOLLIDAY, Texas (TNN) - Normally, at 4 p.m. at the Holliday softball field, the team would be preparing for their game on Tuesday, but because of COVID-19, that’s not the case.

The UIL has suspended all athletic events and contests until March 29th and today they suspended all practices and team workouts until March 29th as well.

This means, for seniors, their final year in uniform might be done.

“Yeah it’s sad," Holliday softball senior Marshal Gillit said. "Because it is something that I have played all my life.”

“My initial reaction was no it’s not going to happen to me,” Rider girls soccer senior Salty Jackson said.

But now it has and because it happened within a matter of days, everyone was a little caught off guard, which meant seniors, especially those not playing in college, could have played their final game without knowing it.

“I’m just a little upset, a little angry," Jackson said. "Because I never got the chance to prepare myself for putting on my uniform for the last time and that’s what I struggle with most.”

“Going into this weekend, as a senior, I was playing every game as hard as you can and from now on," Gillit said. "Just play everything as hard as you can because it could be your last one.”

But there is still some hope for Texoma student-athletes because it is just a suspension with an end date.

“I really hope it doesn’t get canceled, because a suspension means we can come back and potentially play," Gillit said.

“And that is what I am clinging onto," Jackson said. "Because right now, our game is supposed to be on the 31st against Old High and our two-week suspension from school ends before that, so I’m clinging onto the hope that we still get that game.”

Marshall did tell me she will continue practicing at home with her sister, who is also the team’s catcher, so she is ready to play if the season resumes.

But at this point, all they can do is hope.

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