WF Family and friends build home on the east side

family friends build home on the east side

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - A project on the east side of Wichita Falls is building up the neighborhood and bringing generations together.

“I’ve stood in my front door across the street every day and just watched from the get-go, from the turning up of the dirt," Janice Walden said, “and it’s been amazing to see a group of black young men doing a job like this. This is something, I’ve been in Wichita Falls for 75 years, and I’ve never witnessed this.”

The house was the idea of a two Wichita Falls brothers that grew up down the street from where this new home sits.

“We thought about it for about three or four years,” John Woods said. “Then act on it the beginning of well the end of last year.”

It will soon be their family home and they’re keeping the money in the family too. Leading the construction crew is their nephew and contractor Keith Parker.

“I started just doing it, and it got comfortable, the lumber, I knew it all," Parker said. “It just became natural. So, I just start going from there.”

Parker said working on this house is also building a foundation for the young helpers.

“I love how it gives these young people that ‘what is it that, that power is that feeling of accomplishment?’ And you know what I mean it’s beautiful, you know when you see them finally understanding what the hell we’re doing, you know, what we’re doing here. And, you know, when you see the lens, oh, I can see this now. Now they could read plans they couldn’t before they could either hold a hammer properly,” Parker said.

With each nail hammered its building character for not only the boys but for the leaders.

“It’s, it’s been tough because I’m not really a teacher, I’m more of a yeller, I’ll hit you, that kind of person," Parker said. “And you have to, like, tone that back. But now that I see how important it is, I’ve now learned to be more patient and be more understanding.”

Woods says this is more than the final product it’s the journey, the hands-on day after day experience.

“Just doing it because we love our neighborhood,” Woods said.

“ I thought it was something that other people should see," Walden said. “Because it’s just, it’s amazing to me, and I thank God that He allowed me to live long enough to see this.”

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