Texoma volunteers prepare thousands of meals for seniors

Texoma volunteers prep meals for seniors

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Texoma volunteers put the well-being of seniors first today as they prepared meals this morning at the kitchen in Wichita Falls.

“I have the grandchildren all week and we are trying to find them something fun and different for them to do each day and with the coronavirus that’s hard to do but we are doing ok," said a Waurika volunteer.

“They have been so amazing to risk their own health to come out to take care of our seniors,” said Lisa Williams, Special Programs director for Meal on Wheels.

If they have to shut down, Williams said seniors will need to have at least 14 days of meals.

“It is so critical for them right now to have them but yet not to put them at risk," Williams said. “So this is an amazing thing that we have all these wonderful people behind me packing these meals for them.”

All walks of life and all ages arrived just after 8 a.m. and stayed until the job was done. Many of who said with so many canceled events this was the best use of their time

"All my other plans were canceled I figured I’d volunteer, “said Gabriel Pettijohn, volunteer.

When asked about coronavirus fears, volunteers said they were not worried.

“I figured, in the end, it’s will benefit the community more than sitting at home," said Pettijohn.

“I just wanted to help the community just be sure these people are feed during disastrous times," said Dodie Robey, Chaplain Helping Hands. "It’s a great feeling to help out.”

For many of the volunteers, it seemed like helping others outweighed any risk.

Pam Hughes said no matter what, they will continue to feed seniors through this difficult time.

Volunteers will still be needed to deliver meals.

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