City View ISD offering meals for students during closure

City View ISD offering meals for students during closure
City View ISD will offer meals for students while school is closed.

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - City View ISD will offer breakfast and lunch meals for students while the school is closed due to COVID-19 concerns starting March 23.

Meals can be picked up from the high school from 10-11 a.m. each day or picked up from delivery. Students must be present to pick up a meal.

A list of locations for delivery is below, times may vary by 5-10 minutes.

Bus 1

10:00 corner of Harris and Smoke Rise

10:10 corner of Harris and Cortez (close to Cortez Court)

10:20 corner of Cortez and Tanbark (north end of Tanbark)

10:30 corner of Deville and Kinsale (south end of Kinsale)

10:40 corner where Crescent turns west towards the bus barn

10:50 Parking lot of City View Elementary

Bus 2

10:00 Corner of Longview and Grandview

10:10 Corner of Longview and Palomino

10:20 Corner of Cimarron and Wrangler

10:30 Corner of Cimarron and Covington

10:40 Corner of Yuma and Gunnison

10:50 Corner of Covington and Clovis

11:00 Corner of Landon and Duty

11:10 Corner of Duty and Sunset

Bus 3

10:00 corner of Lujuana and City View Drive

10:15 corner of Wrangler and Grandview

10:25 corner of Las Vegas and Aspen

10:35 Cimarron across from the Northcrest apartments

10:50 corner of Wesley and Marian

11:00 Beverly Drive in the Dollar Saver parking lot

11:10 Northwest Drive (across the street from house number 3223 Northwest)


10:00 Borland

10:05 Fell

10:10 Talley

10:15 Wellington

10:30 Huntington

10:40 Springlake

10:50 Cartwright

10:55 Keil

11:00 Airport Drive

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