MSU Texas prepares for shift to online classes

MSU prepars for online only classes

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Classes at MSU Texas start back up after their extended spring break Wednesday, but like many universities, they’ll have all move online.

This is an adjustment for everyone, especially those taking STEM courses.

“We like to work hands-on with a lot of things and so we've taken that all kind of away from the remote side of it,” Dr. Marcy Brown Marsden, Dean at the McCoy College of Science, Math, and Engineering said.

Right now faculty and staff are adapting and learning how they will be teaching for the rest of the semester.

“Some tools existed all along but we might of not seen how we could use them and now we’re being a little experimental which as scientists we’re supposed to be right, we’re supposed to be thinking experimentally,” Dr. Marsden said.

Teacher assistants are filming lab work in preparation for the start of class. Then once online, they can walk students through experiments.

“The online instruction focuses more on how we deliver things and the remote learning is focused on how to help our students get what they thought they would get from their courses this semester,” Dr. Marsden said.

For one computer science professor, most of his course work is already online. What needs to be sorted out now? It’s how to get the feel of still teaching in the classroom.

“How do I get a lecture to my students so that we can interact with them so that I can answer questions live, that’s going to be kind of the issue,” Terry Griffin, associate professor of computer science said.

Terry adds he’ll use programs that gamers are using like streaming lectures on Twitch and using online chat for discussions. He also mentions students are going to need to step up and stay focused on their assignments.

“It’s going to be so important for them, they can’t put it all on the university and say deliver content to me. I mean it’s their education they’re going to have to reach back out,” Griffin said.

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