MSU supports international students during coronavirus pandemic

How MSU international students are maintaining during pandemic

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Across the county, international college students are being sent home or left to figure out what to do with classes switching to online. Midwestern State University is working to make sure their international students have what they need.

“This my final semester," said Jernelle Jon-Baptist, president of the Caribbean Student Organization. “Sadly, I don’t get to have a normal senior semester, but I mean, it’s fine. I am alive. I have health, and I have a roof over my head. So, I’m pretty thankful.”

Not only is housing and dining still open for these Midwestern State students but the community has also stepped in.

“We got a big donation from the Rider Raider baseball team to fill the Mustang pantry on Tuesday," said Dr. Michael Mills. director of Global Education. “So, students would have access to some food.”

Though these students have the basic necessities, for some the switch to online work hasn’t been the easiest.

“Mainly because some professors never had to teach that sort of class in an online platform before," said physics and mathematics major Kendra Jean Jacques. “Now it’s like we’re both learning together. So, it’s really hard. I will say the transition is very difficult.”

When they have questions or need some advice, Dr. Mills say,s he and his team are still ready to help.

“The office is still here," said Dr. Mills. “We’re still open. We’re still advising our international students on a lot of questions that are specific to international students, maybe about visas. The graduation being postponed.”

“My father was supposed to be coming after my graduation," said Jon-Baptist. "But right now, he is worried that he may not be able to come because he’s not able to. Like right now, the visa process has kind of been put on suspension. So, for those who don’t have their visa, it’s difficult. And plus, right now we’ve traveled it, it’s a real risk, right now.”

“So I can’t even go home. So, I’m just monitoring the cases, you know, until they died down and also when we’re able to go back home,” said Trevon Antoin, MSU Texas sophomore.

School, work, family overseas, money and their visas, these students have a lot on their plates, but they’re glad to be at MSU Texas.

“We are thankful to have a roof over our heads," said Jon-Baptist. “We have cafeteria dining, and we have the amenities that we need to excel this semester and try to finish strong.”

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