Senior Spotlight: Graham baseball

Senior Spotlight: Graham baseball

GRAHAM, Texas (TNN) - The Graham Steers would have wrapped up their first series of district play Friday.

They have now missed nine games and there is still a chance they will lose their whole season, including their senior night.

So let’s recognize these seniors in their teammate’s own words.

(Bryce Bozeman/ on James Witherspoon)


“That’s James Witherspoon, he’s 3rd base and DH," Bryce Bozeman. "A fun fact: he gets pegged more than anyone I have ever seen in my life.”

(James Witherspoon/ on Rene Regalado)

“This is Rene Regalado, he DH’s some, he helps with the technical and online stuff for the baseball team," James Witherspoon said. "Fun fact about Rene: he’s one of the funniest dudes in the dugout and he really helps the team morale.”

(Rene Regalado/ on Bryce Bozeman)

“I’ve got Bryce Bozeman, he plays first base and left field" Rene Regalado said. "He’s funny and he always likes to joke around.”

And because Opening Day was supposed to be yesterday, I had to ask the hard-hitting question.

What is yall’s favorite baseball movie?

“The Sandlot, definitely the sandlot," all three seniors said.

But just like other seniors, the thought of losing their senior season hurts.

“Kind of demoralizing, because I really wanted to go out with a bang this year, do my best and have a lot of fun but it’s kind of shutting it down," Witherspoon said.

“Yeah, it’s disappointing,” Bozeman said.

But the Steers will continue to hold out hope that they will step back on the field on May 4th.

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