Region 9 moves to online learning for adult students

Region 9 moves to online learning for adult students

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Adults all across Texoma seeking their GED, or learning English as a second language, are logging onto class in a new way.

Students have been meeting with their teachers through Zoom meetings, as Region 9 continues to implement online learning across the board, and schools remain closed across Texas until May 4th.

The shift to online learning, though, has sparked new ideas for the agency.

“We would love to continue this for the community,” said Tiffany Lee, the adult education distance learning leader for Region 9.

Region 9′s Adult Education and Literacy program covers 12 counties, and over 10,000 square miles, making it difficult for smaller towns to host in-person classes.

Janis Heebner, the coordinator for Region 9′s Adult Education and Literacy program, said expanding adult education to include more classes online makes sense.

“Now that we’ve had all this training, and we’re going to get so used to this,” said Heebner, “hopefully this is all over in another week or so, but why wouldn’t we continue doing this after we’ve learned so much about it?”

While only currently enrolled students can participate in Region 9′s online courses, the agency is working now to figure out how future classes can benefit from its staff’s new online knowledge.

“Even though our classes are going to end at the end of May we don’t want to stop at all,” Lee added.

For more information on Region 9′s Adult Literacy and Education program, click here.

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