Senior Spotlight: Holliday track

Senior Spotlight: Holliday track

HOLLIDAY, Texas (TNN) - We honor five seniors at Holliday as our senior spotlight shines a light on the Eagles track team that was supposed to be getting ready for the district track meet, but are now having to come to terms with the fact that they might not push off of the blocks again.

“I was devasted and pretty upset," Holliday track senior Brittany Coltrain said. "But I know that hopefully everything will work out and I still run because I enjoy it.”

“I was really kind of disappointed at first but you never know," Holliday track senior Tucker Strealy said. "We may still get to do it, but in this delay just try to stay in shape.”

For every senior, there is a hope or goal for their final year.

Konner Wood was trying to go back to state for throwing to represent the Eagles.

Evan Greer, Tucker Strealy, Brittany Coltrain and Katie Ahrens were hoping to make regionals or set personal records and that is what makes this situation hard.

Luckily for Konner and Katie, they will continue their careers in college and Katie says that has helped ease the pain

“It does quite a bit, because I know I have that opportunity to go run in college," Holliday track senior Katie Ahrens said, she is running at Sterling College. "I know this isn’t my last year, it’s my last year in high school but I still have a few more years in my running career.”

Today, the UIL released a statement, extending the suspension of all activities indefinitely because schools will remain closed till May 4th.

So now, there is no official restart date but there is still a chance, which means these athletes have to find ways to stay in shape.

“It’s a little hard not to be running on the track an doing the workouts on the track, but just keep myself in shape is what I’m trying to do," Ahrens said.

“I just go out and run a few miles and come back and do a few 400 or 200 to finish it off," Coltrain said. "But it’s a little harder without having a team to push you.”

And that's where their fellow seniors come in.

“There’s a bunch of leadership going on," Strealy said. “Trying to keep everybody staying in shape and active and just trying to be leaders in our school right now.”

“Especially whenever I couldn’t run," Coltrain said. "Watching Katie was a really big motivator because you want to finish your year with your people that you started it with.”

Whether they get back on the track or not, these five will have represented the Eagles well.

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