Senior Spotlight: City View boys track

Senior Spotlight: City View boys track

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - The track at City View high school should have been busy this week hosting the district track meet, but instead, it has been locked up for weeks.

Tonight, we spotlight the seven seniors on the Mustangs track team who had some high hopes for this season.

“We could have for sure went to state," City View track senior Crafton Lindenborn said. "Our relay was looking really really good. We had long jumpers, triple jumper, we had so much going for us.”

“We are a lot better this year than we were in past years," City View track senior Darion Harbuck said. "To know that our chance to even try got taken away from us is pretty heartbreaking.”

For Crafton Lindenborn, Darion Harbuck, Javen Jones, Jalyn Marks, Jon Nabors, Cade Farrell and Donovan Mitchel, they wanted their season year to be special.

For many, this was their final chance to play sports.

“This is going to be my last year because I’m going in the military," Lindenborn said. "So this is like my last year for everything. So hearing that, it’s something that you can’t get back, it’s these memories that you can’t make again.”

For Darion and others, this was their last chance to get recruited to have a chance to earn scholarships in college.

“I would have gotten more practice," Harbuck said. "I would have had more chances to try my hardest. I only had one track meet and the first track meet I ran, I didn’t run everything.”

He says he now has to rely on his times from last year and hope a school will take a chance on him.

But in the meantime, both guys, along with every other athlete, will continue to hope for that fateful day.

“I’ve just started running every day," Harbuck said. "So I’m trying to stay in shape just in case something does happen. I’m never giving up hope because this is the last thing I got before it’s over, before I’m an adult.”

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