Lawnmower and golf cart stolen from local businesses

Local business robbed - clipped version

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - In Wichita falls, crime is not on the rise. The Wichita Falls Police Department told News Channel 6 that despite the recent robberies of some businesses.

Bobby Nunn, owner of Nunn’s manufactured homes, walked into work this week and noticed things were not how he left them.

“I saw the golf cart gone and I just stood there, and then it was like all of a sudden they took the lawnmower too,” said Nunn.

He checked his security cameras to find two thieves on his property with tools to cut open the locks.

“They dragged the equipment through the back fence,” said Nunn. “These two guys knew what was here. Based on what they took they knew what was in the building,” said Nunn.

Law enforcement said it’s not uncommon to see these types or quantity of crimes this time of year

“It is pretty typical, actually. Recently we’ve had some different types of burglaries. in fact, one of our more recent ones was a guy who broke into one of the dollar generals here in town to steal some milk,” said Sgt. Charlie Eipper.

The police department has put extra steps in place with the growing number of unattended businesses in the city.

"We have taken some of our officers and given them, the primary job objective is to check some of the businesses and, just to make sure that the orders being complied to in the way that they’re operating, you know, with the social distancing, and so forth,” said Eipper.

Nunn, who has already submitted footage of the crime to the police, is hoping for the safe return of his equipment and some peace of mind.

“It is just disappointing you work hard all your life and then someone just comes in and takes it," said Nunn. “I’m sure you’re going to try to sell somebody probably hardly anything. I’m hoping someone catches them. I’m hoping the police catch them.”

The owner is offering a reward for the return of his equipment.

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