Senior Spotlight: Holliday baseball

Senior Spotlight: Holliday baseball

HOLLIDAY, Texas (TNN) - Our senior spotlight rolls on to Holliday where we shine a light on the six seniors of the Eagles baseball team who went three rounds deep in the playoffs a year ago and were hoping to do even better than that this year; trying to win the 13th regional championship in school history.

But unfortunately, they didn’t even get to play a district game.

“We had something special coming back with a bunch of returning starters," Holliday baseball senior Ethan Greer said. "We weren’t projected high at the beginning but at the end, halfway through, we got to number six in the state so I knew we could do a lot.”

“We had a lot of returners, we started off the season pretty well," Holliday baseball senior Garrett Matthews said. "So I thought with our talent, being so deep, we easily could have gotten back to the third round and gone even farther.”

The Eagles were on a good trajectory, having won some big games already and getting back to full strength heading into district play.

But the key for the Eagles would have been the strong core among these seniors: Logan, Ayden, Ethan, Cason, Chris and Garrett.

“Our six seniors, you know we all started freshman year," Holliday baseball senior Cason Shank said. "Came out here, we’ve just grown since then, sophomore, junior year and finally senior year.”

“We were fun, we’ve grown up together since we were little," Greer said. "We’ve had that special bond since we started high school.”

“Close, close. They’re my guys," Holliday baseball senior Chris Jackson said. "I go out there and fight for them every game, it’s probably one of the biggest things, they fight for me as well.”

And that would have made this season special.

No matter how they performed on the field, playing their last games together meant a lot to these seniors, which makes this situation even harder.

“When we played our last game in Iowa Park," Matthews said. "Not knowing it was our last game, it could have changed everyone’s mentality.”

“I told my parents the other day, I don’t need anybody to be there. I just want to play with my team," Holliday baseball senior Ayden Hutchins said. "My guys, just go at it one more time.

"So it would mean a lot for sure.”

Whether they get back on the field or not, the Eagles will have four years of memories to look back on as they prepare for their next steps in life.

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