Senior Spotlight: Bowie softball

Senior Spotlight: Bowie softball

BOWIE, Texas (TNN) - Senior year is something every athlete looks forward to and for the four seniors on the Bowie softball team, their chance to lead the Lady Rabbits was something they had anticipated for a while.

“It meant a lot," Bowie softball senior Gracie Bentley said. "I’ve always look forward to this year, I’ve worked so hard to get to this spot and it meaned a lot.”

“I really looked forward to it for three years and just to see all my other teammates that were seniors, I envied them," Bowie softball senior Chelsey Ketchum said. "I was like ‘I can’t wait to be them and have their senior night and everything,’ so it just makes me really sad that we aren’t going to get to have that.”

The Lady Rabbits had been holding out hope that sports would return and they would get to step back on the field with their teammates, but on April 17th, it all became real.

“My stomach just dropped," Ketchum said. "The fear became true that our season was ended and it was awful.”

“Heartbroken because this has never happened before and it’s the one thing you look forward to," Bowie softball senior Kylie Fleming said. "For us to be taken away from that and not get to play is sad.”

Although this situation has been tough for the senior, going through it together has helped.

“We’ve been together our whole lives," Bowie softball senior Makaila Wilson said. "We grew up together, so it’s pretty hard that we aren’t going to be able to be together all the time anymore.”

“We’ve been super close all the way," Bentley said. "They are just really good friends and we can always talk to each other about anything.”

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