Healthcare workers find success using telemedicine

Updated: Apr. 29, 2020 at 10:21 PM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - With Texas hospitals slowly returning to normal operation. A key take away from fighting the Coronavirus has been telemedicine.

“Since the virus and the quarantining and the shelters in place and all that stuff has been going on I’ve been doing a lot of telemedicine visits and I’ve been really pleasantly surprised with how it’s worked,” Dr. Chris Finnell, a bariatric surgeon at United Regional said.

He’s been using telemedicine to go through pre-surgery procedures with patients. It can also make things more efficient.

“Spending half a day or a full day to see the doctor when it can be with you know a 20-minute visit,” Dr. Finnell said.

With doing things over the phone or online, it keeps contagious people away from others.

“This is a way that they can contact us without having to leave home and without having to worry about am I going to get sick or am I going to get anybody else sick,” Misty Montellano, a family nurse practitioner at Community Healthcare said. “We can even see so say if they want to hold the camera up to their throat or if they want to show us anything on their skin.”

Services are also there those needing to talk about stress and anxiety that’s been caused by the virus.

The hope from many in the medical field is to see the expanded use of telemedicine going forward.

“I think it’s good and I think we’ll continue to do it even when living returns to normal so to speak,” Dr. Finnell said.

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