Iowa Park alum wins ACCA national title

Iowa Park alum wins ACCA national title

IOWA PARK, Texas (TNN) - It didn't take long for Kristina Diaz to turn a dream into a reality.

One year after playing basketball for the Iowa Park Lady Hawks, she comes back to her hometown a national champion.

“I wanted to go far in basketball and that was kind of my goal was to go far and we definitely did it," the Arlington Baptist guard said.

Playing in a national championship game is something most college basketball players never experiences but Kristina Diaz did that as a freshman, playing for Arlington Baptist in the Association of Christian College Athletics title game back in February.

“I’ve never had that gym so packed and everyone cheering and being so loud," Diaz said.

But not only did she play in the national championship game, but she also started it

And that opportunity is something she attributes back to her days, playing for Griffin Fields at Iowa Park.

“He always talks about ‘we need to work hard, we need to be disciplined.’ He always said that’s how you get somewhere is working hard," former Lady Hawk Diaz said. "And that is definitely what got me there.”

What is maybe more impressive, Diaz was a starter for the program’s 6th straight championship and she says the recipe for success for the Patriots was something she had seen before.

“We were more like a family, we all were together," she said. “We were so close, all of us, and they made it like normal like I was back home in Iowa Park.”

Diaz said she is thankful to her coaches from Iowa Park who helped her be ready to make the transition and looks forward to helping Arlington Baptist go for an amazing 7th straight title next year.

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