Machine at Tokyo pub sprays customers with disinfectant as they enter

TOKYO (CNN) - As businesses around the world adopt new practices due to coronavirus, one Japanese pub is taking an extreme approach to customer safety by spraying its customers with disinfectant.

When customers arrive, a hostess on a monitor takes their temperature and asks them to wash their hands.

Then, customers walk through a machine that sprays a chlorine-based disinfectant on them. It lasts 30 seconds.

Finally, customers can sit down to order, where they are separated by clear acrylic screens.

The World Health Organization actually warns against spraying people with disinfectant.

In an updated advisory on Saturday, the WHO said, “Spraying disinfectants can result in risks to the eyes, respiratory or skin irritation” and it’s not recommended. The experts also cited studies showing that spraying disinfectant over a wide area is not effective in killing coronavirus.

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