Texas Blood Institute urging Texomans to donate blood

Texas Blood Institute urging Texomans to donate blood

TEXOMA, Texas (TNN) - The Texas Blood Institute is urging all Texomans to donate blood immediately as the institute is facing the single greatest challenge to the blood supply it has ever seen.

More than a month’s worth of blood collections have been lost due to COVID-19. Usage is rising as hospitals resume elective surgeries and blood supplies will soon hit crisis levels without rapidly increased donation rates.

Blood has a shelf life of just 42 days, has no substitute, and the supply must be constantly be replenished.

The Texas Blood Institute provides blood for all major hospitals in the Texoma region and this requires hundreds of donors each day to keep a healthy stock of blood on the shelf.

“In this time of need, such as we’ve never seen before, we’re calling one and all to respond with that remarkable standard of giving we’ve always seen from our generous donors,” said John Armitage, MD, president and CEO of the Texas Blood Institute.

Donors can schedule an appointment online by clicking here or by calling (877) 340-8777.

The process takes about an hour and most people over the age of 15 and who are in good health can donate.

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