Burkburnett waterpark reopening with restrictions

Burkburnett water park reopening

BURKBURNETT, Texas (TNN) - Boomtown Bay Family Aquatic Center will reopen in Burkburnett this weekend but will be done with some restrictions.

They’ll be doing so with guidance from the state. City officials reached out to the state’s attorney general office to see if they could open the park. The state said they could if slides and children’s play areas remain closed.

“The representative I talked to stated that it is ok for us to go ahead and operate at the 25% capacity with those two items offline,” Lawrence Cutrone, Burkburnett city manager said.

Operating just the swimming pools and lazy river, the aquatic center will jump feet first into Memorial Day weekend.

“I think the more we can get back to the normality of life the better off we’ll be, as long as we do that in a safe manner so I believe that’s what we are trying to do,” Brent Battista, Burkburnett director of parks and recreation said.

Temperatures will be taken before anyone can come in. Only 200 people will be allowed at a time.

“Chlorine levels every two hours will be checked, making sure we are within regulations on that. We’ll also be wiping down the tables and the restrooms will be cleaned every hour,” Battista said.

For Castaway Cove in Wichita Falls, they’ll remain closed until the governor says otherwise.

"We’re classified as a water park and so with him saying water parks cannot open, we’re going to follow his advice,” Steve Vaughn, general manager for Castaway Cove said.

Work there continues, preparing for when they can reopen. They are having a job fair this Saturday to bring in workers for the rest of the year.

Safety remains the top priority, they’re in the process of ensuring equipment stays clean.

“We’re going to look at how we’re going to do the life jackets, the tubes, to make sure that we go through a process where we’re cleaning them during the day after every use,” Vaughn said.

While the CDC states there is no evidence COVID-19 is spread through bodies of water, many other common illnesses are. Good hygiene, hand washing, and staying home if you’re sick remain the best ways to stay safe.

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