CDC releases early school reopening guidelines; Texoma superintendents respond

New CDC guidelines for schools

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - New CDC guidelines have been released, outlining the steps districts across the country would have to take to have class in-person.

“It’s so far out now to know what August is going to bring and what that’s going to look like,” explained Wes Pierce.

Wes Pierce, the executive director for Region 9, said he believes Governor Abbott and the Texas Education Agency want to see how summer school goes before making a decision about the next school year.

But superintendents said the prep work for the next school needed to start yesterday.

“We’d really like to see set guidelines come out of what we’re allowed to do, what we’re not allowed to do, as soon as possible so we can plan and move on,” said WFISD Superintendent Michael Kuhrt.

For Superintendent Tony Bushong with City View ISD, though, seeing what the CDC recommended was hard.

“When I read them it was very disheartening,” he said.

Superintendent Bushong explained having to develop a school year around those guidelines will be difficult.

For those guidelines, click here.

“We’re trying to develop the best system so that your students can get the best out of education, the most out of social interaction with their peers, the most of social interaction with their teachers, as best we can,” said Superintendent Kuhrt.

He said it gives his district some direction.

“It tells us that we are going to have some sort of school in the fall, where students are going to have the opportunity to be face to face with their teachers and with their peers,” he said.

He said no matter what, school needs to happen, saying the impact is bigger than just one student.

“Mom can’t go to work if she can’t send her child to work, and she can’t go to work if today we’re having school and then tomorrow we’re not and then Wednesday we’ll have school again and Thursday we’re not,” Superintendent Kuhrt explained.

Overall though, Superintendent Bushong said “we’re going to do what the governor tells us, and we’re going to go by their guidelines.”

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