Events returning to Texoma

Events returning to Texoma

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Many of our favorite events have been canceled due to safety concerns about COVID-19, but with fewer cases and more safety precautions in place, Texoma is starting to see some of the events return.

Wichita Raceway Park said they’ve got racers coming in from all over the state this weekend to race. While they were closed, they renovated nearly everything, including additional seating and they even got you covered when it comes to safety.

“It attracts a lot of Street Racer type people and people that come from that atmosphere and breaks into a safe place to be able to not only participate but give fans a show to watch," said Matt Plotkins, Co-Owner Project promotions. “We’ve also we have a few vendors out here this weekend, and we’ve spread them out instead of putting them in a single row to kind of keep people from gathering in one particular place.

We’ve also made sure that all the people are pitted six to 10 feet apart to make sure that no one’s in each other’s space," said Plotkins. "And they have the people here at the track, they’ve grown in a lot of extra grandstands. They’ve more than doubled their seating capacity since the last time that they’ve opened for a big event.”

Governor Abbott’s executive orders are allowing Texans to slowly return to their normal routines. Now officials from the MPEC and downtown development are starting to figure ways for some social events to resume.

“I think that a lot of people are ready to get back to the social aspect of events," Jason Mayfield, owner of Mayfield Events. “We want to do it safely for sure and make sure that people are protected but at the same time being able to connect with other people that pretty important, and we are ready to get back to that.”

About a month ago, we talked with Mayfield about the state of the industry and things weren’t looking too good Thursday.

“We have still had a few major events cancel on us and that gets discouraging, but then we have some that are trying to do other,” said Mayfield.

We also learned that Sheppard Air Force Base is working to put on a fireworks show for the Fourth of July.

The County Health Director is on board with the return of some events. Social distancing guidelines must be followed and hand sanitizing stations must be in place, whether the event is indoors or outdoors.

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