Several babies born during severe weather outbreak

Several babies born during severe weather outbreak

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Mother Nature wasn’t the only one delivering last Friday. The storms across Texoma last week have lots of people still struggling but others actually got something good out of them: their kids.

Four babies in all were delivered at the Wichita Falls Birth and Wellness Center.

One of those couples, Tarina and Justin Pleasants, came all the way from Elgin, Oklahoma.

Tarina said she started to feel something shifting around 3 a.m. Saturday.

They called their certified nurse midwife, Lenora Nepper, about an hour later to make sure the center was ready to receive them and then got on the road to brave the storm.

Tarina was in full labor by the time they got there.

The couple said it was tense for them but exciting at the same time.

“This is exactly how it’s supposed to be because my previous two births were in the hospital," said Tarina Pleasants. "Although with the midwife everything flowed the moment I walked through the door. Even though it was very exciting and you could sense that everybody was all hands on deck. It’s really very amazing. It was unbelievable.”

Their baby boy, Samson Elliot Pleasants, came a week early but his parents say he is doing just fine.

“I used to work in hospitals and I was a hospital midwife and so it’s a little different because in a hospital situation, the nurses care for the laboring moms," Nepper said. "The midwife or physician goes in and makes sure the delivery goes well and everything is good, and then they leave. Here I can’t do that and so what I learned from that was I have more stamina than I thought.”

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