Two Vernon women make history

Two Vernon women make history

VERNON, Texas (TNN) - Two Vernon women are holding positions no other woman has ever held before.

Both of these ladies shared that this was a natural next step in their careers for them. They also received a lot of community and family support to take those next steps.

“Yes, I’m learning a lot, and they are all very welcoming,” said Deputy Kelsey Deford.

Deford was sworn in as a deputy in Wilbarger County on May 18. She’s from Wichita Falls and was previously a correctional officer and a licensed deputy for the Wichita County Sheriff’s Office.

The new Vernon Mayor Pam Gosline is a pillar of the community and served as Commissioner Place 2.

“All of our department heads are experienced. They run the city, I mean, they really do," said Mayor Pam Gosline. “The mayor kind of gets all of the credit, but it really needs to go to our staff. When you work together as a team, it’s amazing what you can get done.”

Law enforcement runs in the Deford family and the mayor believes that all of her past career choices in Corporate America and being a business owner has helped to prepare her for this new role.

“I don’t have another agenda," said Gosline. "This is my agenda. Vernon, Texas is my agenda and I don’t have any aspirations to go any further. I want to do what I can to make learning great.”

Holding a "first" title can sometimes be a little daunting but these two are up for the challenge and looking to the future.

“I am the first female mayor and I think that makes me a go-getter even more because I don’t want to make anyone down," said Gosline. “I am excited about that.”

"It’s a little nervous, but it’s exciting, said Deford, who adds she is looking forward to furthering her career in law enforcement and following her dad’s footsteps.

These women are making history in Vernon but they are also doing it at a very critical time. Everyone here at News Channel 6 applauds both of them and wishes them the best.

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