New coronavirus precaution measures in place at Texoma college campuses

New coronavirus precaution measures in place at Texoma college campuses

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - The new protocols take effect the minute you walk in the door of Vernon College’s Century City Center.

You’ll have to fill out a form, stating where you’ve been in the last two weeks, and if you’re experiencing any symptoms.

“What we’re trying to do is ensure health and safety without totaling disrupting the education process,” said Dr. Dusty Johnston, president of Vernon College.

The college began slowly bringing back faculty and staff last month.

“We’re not trying to inconvenience you,” said Dr. Johnston, “we’re trying to ensure the health and safety of everybody.”

Meanwhile, at Midwestern State University’s wellness center, the new rules start before you even walk in the door.

Everyone has to wash their hands, an act that will be verified by a front desk worker who will also take your temperature.

The director of the wellness center said it’s a process that’s been in the works for weeks

“From the day we were closed from the day until the day we were able to reopen we were working on a plan to see what it would look like to bring people back safely to campus, to make sure they were in a clean safe workout environment," said Angie Reay, the director.

For Reay, she said nothing the center is doing is out of the ordinary

“When you come down our hallway, for example, we have six feet social distancing stickers,” said Reay, “you see those at the grocery store when you go shopping too.”

Reay and Dr. Johnston, along with other educators across the country, still do not know what fall will look like for their facilities.

“We’re watching and we’re listening and we’re trying to learn, but right now we’re not sure exactly what all is going to be in place in the fall,” added Dr. Johnston.

Both said the protocols they have in place could be easily transitioned to welcome more students come the beginning of school.

“What we’re doing right now,” said Dr. Johnston, “we think we can surely move into the fall semester.”

“They’re happy that we’re open and they’re having a good time while we’re open,” said Reay, “but we’ll see how we can make that a good transition for everybody in the fall too.”

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